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By: Admin 17-Sep-19 FOWCham

How do we help in export-import business start-up?

Export and Import is the foundation of every economy in the world. It is a major key to spread your business beyond the country border. Being such a predominant sector, it naturally attracts both national and international business at massive scale. It is no wonder that people from all over the world look forward to understand the basics of global trade since it helps businesses grow across international borders. Being a Federation of Worldwide Trade Chambers, Export and Import are our major services. We have committed ourselves towards assisting in boosting International Trade relations which demands excellent services to be provided to exporters and importers all over the world. This also includes providing complete facilities for the set-up of export-import businesses and providing genuine trade leads so that the business blooms in the global market.

Below are the details of how FOWCHAM Federation can assist in export-import start-up:

  1. Establishing the company – Being a Federation recognized by the government of India, we have the authority to establish business on national scale. The procedure starts from deciding the name of the firm to its registration and documentation which will be undertaken by us.


  1. The next step will be generating PAN – Permanent Account number for the organisation which will be undertaken by us. Federation will also open a current account for you in the appropriate bank.


  1. Digital platform – Having a digital presence is of utmost importance these days. Hence, our federation will make sure that you have a dynamic internet presence with updated SEO, SMO, and digital marketing tools.


  1. Ownership agreement – A firm can be on the basis of sole Proprietary concern, Partnership, Private Limited or a Limited company, we will guide you with the procedure for all of them.


  1. Importer Exporter Code (IEC) – This code is necessary for all export-import businesses. We will assist you in providing this code.


  1. Target Export market – Being an international Federation, we have access to various countries’ target markets, product-based Market identification and market reports which are recorded country and region wise.  Also, our tie ups with various Chambers of Commerce tell us which product is good for which country.


  1.  International Buyers – We also provide international buyers for our start-ups so that the company can get a good take off. We also provide buyer –seller listing on our website and anyone with such requirement can list them on our website free of charge. Through this method, we provide direct trade links to our members. We also receive trade links from our member trade associations.


Along with all these facilities, we are committed to abiding by you at every stage of the growth process. If you have a business idea in your mind which is not related to export and import, feel free to share with us. Present your Detailed Project Report (DPR) which should include the project vision, mission, and revenue model and we will assist you in setting up your business. We will be uploading another blog soon where we will discuss it in more depth.



Sanjeev sir’s message

I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of Chairman of Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers. I assure you that will do my best to take FOWCHAM Federation to new heights with your support.

Changing business times in India and the world at large require different kinds of responses. FOWCHAM Federation was founded based on the needs of our country's economy.  It is an international platform where all your business-related needs will be served. This platform has been designed so that we can cater to all export, import and business needs of our society. Whether you are an exporter, importer, manufacturer, businessmen or a growing entrepreneur looking for new opportunities, you will be provided the best solution.

I hope your experience with us will be highly challenging, motivating and rewarding.

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