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These are the top 10 products which are most demanded in the International market:

  1. Precious stones and metals : HSC 71, Value: 43,623.16 (Million USD)

The Gems and Jewellery sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy, contributing

around 7 percent of the country’s GDP and 15 percent to India’s total merchandise exports. It

also employs over 4.64 million workers and is expected to employ 8.23 million by 2022. One of

the fastest-growing sectors, it is extremely export-oriented and labor-intensive.


  1. Refined Petroleum: HSC 27, Value: 32,435.65 (Million USD)

India’s total exports of petroleum products, which account for over a

tenth of the gross value of outbound shipments are set to drop below the 1.2

million barrel per day (mbpd) mark in the current calendar year, the lowest level

of annual exports in the past 8 years.


  1. Automobiles: HSC 87, Value: 14,950.08 (Million USD)

The Indian auto industry became the 4 th largest in the world with sales increasing 9.5 percent year-on-year to 4.02 million units (excluding two-wheelers) in 2017. It was the 7th

largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in 2018. The Two Wheelers segment dominates the market in terms of volume owing to a growing middle class and a young population. Moreover, the growing interest of the companies in exploring the rural markets further aided the growth of the sector.


  1. Machinery and Mechanical Appliances: HSC 84, Value 14,100.58 (Million USD)

There has been a 10.5 percent increase in the export of heavy machinery from India. These include cars, pumps, heavy machines, building construction tools, agricultural equipment and so on.


  1. Organic Chemicals: HSC 29, Value 11,688.52 (Million USD)

Exports of Organic Chemicals in India averaged 5757.11 USD Million from 1996 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 14796.74 USD Million in 2017 and a record low of 993.06 USD Million in 1996.


  1. Pharmaceutical products: HSC 30, Value 12,930.48 (Million USD)

The Indian pharmaceuticals industry is the third-largest in terms of volume and thirteenth-largest in terms of value. Pharmaceutical export from India stood at US$ 17.27 billion in 2017-18 and is expected to grow by 30 percent to reach the US $20 billion by the year 2020.


  1. Iron and Steel: HSC 72 Value 8,682.99 (Million USD)

Exports of Iron & Steel in India averaged 4372.52 USD Million from 1996 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 11244.72 USD Million in 2017.

  1. Textiles: HSC 62, Value 9,164.61 (Million USD)

India’s textiles sector is one of the oldest industries in the Indian economy dating back several centuries. India’s overall textile exports during FY 2017-18 stood at US$ 39.2 billion in FY18 and is expected to increase to US$ 82.00 billion by 2021 from US$ 31.65 billion in FY19 (up to Jan 19).


  1. Electrical Machinery: HSC 85, Value 8,232.02 (Million USD)

Exports of Electrical Machinery in India averaged 4539.07 USD Million from 1996 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 11528.11 USD Million in 2011 and a record low of 813.61 USD Million in 1998.


  1. Iron and steel articles: HSC 73, Value 5,916.09 (Million USD)

India is the world’s fourteenth-largest steel exporter. Flat products accounted for 65 percent of India’s steel exports by volume at 3.2 million metric tons in YTD 2017, up from 45 percent in YTD 2016.



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