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Chambers of Exporters and Importers

FOWCham Federation is a not for profit Federation registered in India. 
It has been formed by experienced, qualified team of professionals from various domain experts with an aim of promotion of Global Imports- Export Trade. FOWCham Federation will work further to strengthen the foundation of global exports development and growth to share their suggestions in growing Global Economy with a streamlined pace and manner keeping in mind imports-exports laws of individual countries.

Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers will keep a close watch in identifying emerging global opportunities based on various conducive factors of various country’s competitiveness and pricing, innovations, new emerging platforms and blend them with viable solutions perspectives for a grand success for the International Impex community of Importers-Exporters and all those directly, indirectly involved in the trade promotion of segmented products, projects- commodities and services sectors.

Services offered by Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers

FOWCham Federation Information Horizon:


The FOWCham Federation collects updates and disseminates International business information, from International organizations, global standard publishers and other sources for its Indian-Foreign members.

The invaluable, timely, authentic, information, opportunities, laws, policy changes, practices, procedures, duties covering global tenders, projects, export enquiries Govt. notifications, market reports, changing Forex rates, prices of international items, commodities, products and services to plan and open more revenue generating avenues for its global members

Benefits of Joining Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers

Business Tie ups with foreign stakeholders and related important trade bodies that matter.

Practical advice on exporting internationally and growing your profitability continuously in years to come.

Help in obtaining trade / export finance through Public and Private Entities.

FOWCham Federation shall provide up-to-date insights on Market Intelligence on day-to-day changing world imports- exports related market scenario to its members.

Providing advisory services on imports - export trade financing from various trade financing institutions and banks, pre and-post shipment funding guidelines, usance L/C's, Bank guarantees, swift messages service providers and post shipment private factoring organisations including risk free payment receivable solutions along with warehousing and end-to end transit shipment insurance facilities.

Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers continuously talks to the decision makers in various countries about issues effecting segmented imports-exports growth. To make these efforts as efficient as possible FOWCham Federation keeps entering into number of cooperation agreements with the stakeholders in different countries decision makers and exports promotion bodies for the benefit of one and all globally.

Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers is in a unique position to synthesize the brainpower of hundreds of experts in a variety of imports - exports fields across the Globe on important topics to leverage this strength, building on our traditionally strong Impex community network for Business Development Services.

FOWCham Federation vision is to catalyze development and promote global imports - exports trade with wide range of exportable products, projects and services to become pioneering and successful global model of excellence and biggest hub by transforming quality, competitive, innovative, products, projects and services within reach of a common person on the Planet.

Find out gaps in trade growth preparedness for a leap jump in Global Exim trade and addressing critical issues related to quality control with zero defects, and help develop more world class products, projects and services for International buyers.

International imports-exports trade is based on comparative advantage where all countries are benefited. In the net era the whole world is available to International importers - exporters in various countries as their market. Your membership with Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers is one of its own type of unique platform will help you promote global trade, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, investments for a leap jump into your business in the future.

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Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers