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The word ‘Syllabus’ refers to ‘the subjects in a course of study or teaching’. We have come across this word multiple times in schools and colleges because the education structure is formed on the basis of the yearly syllabus. On the special occasion of Teacher’s day, Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers expresses deep gratitude for mentors and teachers all over the world, who have embedded in us the knowledge of business and growth continues at various stages of our lives.

On this day, we are taking this opportunity to remember the biggest international business mentors and how they have influenced the lives of millions of people. In business, having a mentor is like having a teacher who is ready to solve our difficult math problems, who is willing to teach us a subject multiple time till we understand it clearly and does their level best so that we clear all subjects. Similarly, in business, the biggest benefit in having a mentor or an adviser is having someone you can ask the question and get appropriate answers. Your concerns might be difficult from others even who are in the same line of business as you are and, in such situations, we feel the need of having a professional who has been through a similar situation, has extensive experience and has the ability to provide the exact solution we are looking for. Business mentors can help us look at our problems from a different perspective than you would have not thought of on your own. They help you develop your business skills and increase your knowledge. Since most of the business mentors have already well-established businesses, they can help you create a strong and effective business network and share profitable business deals and advice so that your business can grow and multiply. Along with that, they can also prepare you to reach your future goals and make you aware of the problems which you might face in the days to come. Hence, it is important to have a mentor or advisor who has extensive experience in your line of business.

Regarding export-import business, FOWCHAM Federation can help you start and expand your business in more than 140 countries of the world. Setting up the export-import business is our major service and we can assist in export-import of almost all types of products (as per the rules and guidelines of the government of India). We provide all services related to export-import and help exporters take part in International B2B and B2C exhibitions at subsidized rates. We can provide validation of international buyers with the help of our tie-ups in more than 30 countries of the worlds which helps us run an authentication check on the buyer. If you are looking for establishing your own Export-Import business or wish to take part in International exhibitions in any part of the world, feel free to connect with us.

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Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers